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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Yes, I'm still Alive.

Hey! Don't worry, I'm still alive! The zombie invasion isn't till next year!
It's been a long, long, long....Long, while. Feel free to call me names: Slacker, loser, or my personal favorite, 'Girl who never posts on her blog'. 
I really must apologize, I haven't posted anything in months. But, I have an excellent excuse!
I've been busy! No really, I have. I didn't have a lot of free time to do stuff like this. Also, I had no camera. I'm going to tell you a story and I hope you like it.

You see, two Christmas' ago, I received a camera. This camera to be exact:
Yes, and I loved that camera. I took lots of pictures with it! But this camera came with a cord, it connected the camera to the computer. I had only one cord to keep track of, but guess what I did? I lost it... Later that year I found it, only to lose it again. Which brings us to the beginning of 2011. I hadn't started this blog yet, so I just used my Mother's camera for whatever pictures I needed taken. Not remembering how great it was to have your own camera to use. So I didn't worry about that cord until I started this blog. I would need a camera to take pictures for the tutorials and my mother would have brought the camera to work.
That was when I started to ask for a new cord...
Many months of waiting, painting, and asking, I got one for Christmas! 
So, here we are! I have a cord(thanks to my grandmother!) and I'm ready to start the New Year with tutorials!

I received some nail stuff for Christmas that I want to share with you all! 

 I got one of these train cases I think they are called. Very handy, I organized all my stuff and I'm wondering how long it will stay that way....

I got three new polishes!
from left to right: Frostbite, Skull & Glossbones, and Sun Worshiper. The picture doesn't show how bright the orange is, but It's really pretty.

I got these nail pens which are super cool! It's a pen when you pull the cap off but if you unscrew the top its got a brush!

 This is the pen part. It's got a really small tip so you can make intricate designs!

These are nail markers, I really like these. Very pigmented, you only need two coats. Plus I can practice french tips, which I'm not to good at.. YET!

Here is this cute little nail file I got! See, it's got little kisses on it!

 I got these. I've been wanting to try them for a while and now I can! Yay!

Then last but not least, I got this guy. He's pretty cute huh?

I must apologize again for not posting in months!
Thank you for reading my blog!
***Happy New Year!***

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