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Thursday, February 17, 2011

First Tutorial: Spring

Since it's almost springtime, I'm going to show you a nail tutorial with a spring theme :)
Keep in mind, you can use any colors you want. So, if you don't care for these colors, try to imagine the design in the colors you would choose.

Let's Start!
You will need: A background color, a grass color, two colors for the flower (one for the petals and one for the middle), a makeup sponge, a dotting tool, and a scrap piece of paper.

*Tips: If you don't have a dotting tool you can use a number of other household objects: A toothpick, a hair pin, a paintbrush- either end-, or a pencil. Which ever you find works the best. Makeup sponges: I highly recomend getting some because, they are very useful and there's not really any other way to get the "sponged" effect without it.*

Step 1: Pour a little pool of your background color on to the piece of paper. Then, taking your makeup sponge: dab it into your little pool and tap it on the paper to test your dabbing (as you can see, I do this alot)


Step 2: Once you've done a little practicing on the paper, do the same thing and apply it to all of your nails.

Note: It's okay if it's darker in some places, it doesn't have to be perfect.

Step 3: Pour a little pool of your first petal color on to the piece of paper. Then taking the dotting tool: dab it into the pool and tap it on to the paper to practice like you did with the sponge.
When you've practiced a little, dab it in again and apply it four times in a little circle to all of your nails.

Your nails should look something like this : )

Step 4: Pour another little pool of your second flower color (for the middle) and taking the dotting tool again, dip it into the pool and tap it on the paper for practice. Then apply it to the center of your little flowers.

Your nails should look something like this : )
Almost done!

Step 5: (Last Step!) Pour a small pool of your grass color on to the paper. Then taking the makeup sponge: dab it in the pool and after a few test taps on the paper, apply this to the TIPS of the nails. 

And your finished!

I appreiciate anyone taking the time to read my blog!
Thank you so much!

Best of luck!
xoxo, Winter

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Bobbidink Designs said...

Awesome job daughter!! Can't wait to have my favorite manicurist do my nails!!