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Friday, February 25, 2011

Easy Red and Black

For this nail tutorial, you will need:
Two colors of your choice (I recomend a light and a dark) and adhesive clear tape =)

Step 1: Paint your whole nail with the light color.

*Tip: Put lotion or vaseline around your nail before you paint it; if you get a little polish there, let it dry onto the lotion. When your done painting, just wipe the lotion or vaseline off! The leftover polish will come off with it!*

They should look something like this =)

Step 2: Taking a small strip of your tape, wrap it carefully around your finger; leaving a small space between the tape and the tip of your nail. MAKE SURE your nails are dry before doing this!

They will look something like this =) Almost done!

Step 3: Taking your dark color, paint the tips. After you've done that: carefully remove the tape (see my index finger.)

Lookin' Good!

Your Done!!

I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read the tutorials on my little blog!

If you liked this tutorial or have any ideas on how I should paint them next, please leave me a comment =)

Good Luck!
xoxo, Winter

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