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Thursday, April 21, 2011

An Apple a Day!

I love apples, and I'm going to show you all an apple nail design! (Comment me a little note or smiley face if you like apples too!)

You will need: Two colors of your choice for the apples (yellow, red, green etc.. depending on what kind of apple you want) also, a lighter green, and white for the inside of the apples!

You will also need: A pink (optional) for the worm, and brown for the stems.

A dotting tool...

And of course: An apple for inspiration!
(Can you tell I'm a Twilight nerd?)

Step 1: Paint your index and ring finger with both of your apple colors, leaving a small triangle-like shape at the top.

Step 2: Using the same two colors, carefuly paint a small apple shape on your middle and pinky fingers. *IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE PERFECT!! Honestly, have you EVER seen an absolutely PERFECT apple?* The shape I made on my pinky looks kind of like lungs.. haha! 

Step 2.5 *OPTIONAL* Using the dotting tool, make a little wavy line with the pink color, underneath that fill in with light green. Then, give it a pair of eyes and a mouth =]

Step 3: Leaving a small outline of your apple color around, fill in the apple half (or lungs depending on how great your apple painting was) with white

Step 4: Add the stems and seeds with the brown and your done!!!!

Thank you SO much for reading my blog!


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